Buddha Way Cultivation Centre celebrated the annual Vesak Day at our centre, in May 2022. Vesak Day is to commemorate the birth, enlightenment, and death of Siddhatha Gautam, who is known as Buddha. The altar was set up for Baby Buddha Bathing, offering of flowers, food, candles and incense.

Kathina is an important celebration in the Buddhist tradition. This ceremony celebrates the Buddhist community joining together to present the monks with new robes and other clothing items. Members and friends of Buddha Way Cultivation Centre gathered on this special occasion to honour our teacher Master Yi for his Dharma teachings, guidance and blessings.

It is a Buddhist custom for Monastic to pay respect to other Senior monks in their temples; or participate in their Ceremonies.

We feel honoured to visit and to be received by Rinpoches and Venerables in their residing temples. It is a privilege to be at their presence and to receive their blessings.