Donations can be made directly into our bank account.

Account name: Buddhaway Cultivation Centre

BSB: 033-126

Account number: 546237

“Generosity brings happiness at every stage of its expression. We experience joy in forming the intention to be generous. We experience joy in the actual act of giving something. And we experience joy in remembering the fact that we have given.”
Gautama Buddha

Buddha Way Cultivation Centre is a non-for-profit organisation in Melbourne, Australia. Our centre is supported by the generous donations from the members and the general public. All programs and activities are carried out and managed by our members and volunteers.

The meritorious act of your generosity can help our centre to develop programs and spread the Buddha Dhamma to the wider community. The act of giving also form part of your personal merit-building practice.

 There are many ways to offer your support:

  • Donating your time and skills
  • Donating funds towards various projects
  • Donations to cover centre’s expenses